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Set up your own collection hub and become a friend of Solidaritech

If you are part of a group who can make large donations of tech devices or raise funds for Solidaritech, we will make it easy for you to set up your own Collection Hub. 

We welcome donations from companies, schools, clubs, church and community groups. All you need is a secure, lockable place to store the tech before it is picked up by us. 

Register today and we will set up your own webpage at, which will include  a Donation Form and your unique QR code. This means we can keep track of your donations and you don’t need to keep any paperwork.

Data Best Practice

Please note we will destroy all data and professionally wipe all devices, so no files or apps will be recoverable. We strongly advise both businesses and individuals to remove all data, delete iCloud accounts, and carry out a factory reset on all devices before they are donated. (All Apple devices should be factory reset, with iCloud/iTunes/iMessage removed.)

With this in mind, you will be required to tick a box accepting our Terms and Conditions each time you complete a Group Donation Form. You can also request a Certificate of Data Destruction if required.  

After registration…

Once you are registered you can begin requesting tech donations for the Solidaritech Christmas Appeal from people in your group. We can help you with printable templates you can put on your noticeboards. 

You will find the Group Donation Form is very easy to complete and we will communicate with you by email or phone to ensure everything progresses smoothly. 

Please reassure everyone who wishes to donate a device that their anonymity is preserved, we do not request their names at any point. We will professionally destroy all data and their device will either be refurbished and rehomed, or recycled by a reputable IT recycling specialist. 

We would be delighted to give your Group recognition and show our appreciation through our own social media if you have said Yes to publicity and we are happy to provide you with content about our valuable work helping refugees and asylum seekers if you wish to feature us in your own newsletter or social media posts.

If you need any advice on any aspect of donating to Solidaritech, please call us on 01274 288 910 or email [email protected].

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