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Make Sure Your Machine is Free of Important Data

Your Machine’s Data

We do not need your username and/or password for your machine, however for your own data security we do ask that you make sure that you don’t need any of the data on it. The easiest way to get rid of the data on the machine is to perform a factory reset. This varies from machine to machine, but below is a list of ways to factory reset by machine.

Factory reset instructions…

Windows Machines

Apple Machines


Apple Products (Especially iPads and iPhones)

It is crucial that you remove iCloud from your device before donation, as we cannot remove it after donation without having your password. Here is some guidance for Apple devices: iMac, Macbook, iPhone and iPad.


Submit Your Device Details Form to Us and Get Your Reference ID

Completing the donation form is crucial, it tells us that we have donations to pick up, but it also means that the drop-off point does not have to take any of your personal information on site when you hand the machine over with the reference number.

We need a separate donation for every machine donated, whether they’re desktops, laptops, mobiles or tablets. This helps us track the machine throughout the refurbishment process, right the way to the machine being donated out to a grateful recipient.

Once you have completed the form you will receive an email with a unique ID reference, this is the only identifying mark you will need to include with your donation.

    Preferred method of contact

    Are you donating IT equipment as an individual, or on behalf of an organisation?

    We like to thank donations publicly through social media and other channels, do you want this?

    Please fill in the following section with as much detail as possible regarding your donation.
    Alternatively, if you have a list of what you are donating, please download our template, complete it and upload it below.

    How many laptops are you donating?

    Do the laptop(s) have charger(s)?

    Do the charger(s) work?

    Do the laptop(s) have batteries?

    Do the batteries work?

    Do the laptop(s) hard drive(s) work?

    What classification is the data stored on these laptop(s)?*
    Do you require a certification of data destruction? (required)
    How many tablets are you donating?

    What operating system do the tablet(s) run?

    Do the tablet(s) batteries work?

    Do the tablet(s) have chargers and are they in working condition?

    How many smartphones are you donating?

    What operating system do the smartphone(s) run?

    Do the smartphone(s) batteries work?

    Do the smartphone(s) have their charger and are they in working condition?

    How many desktops are you donating?

    What are the processor(s) in these desktop(s)?
    How much memory are in these desktop(s)?

    Do the desktop(s) hard drive(s) work?

    Please select any cables or other accessories included with the desktop(s).

    What classification is the data stored on these desktop(s)?*
    Do you require a certification of data destruction? (required)

    By donating my device for refurbishment by Solidaritech CIC, I confirm that: (1) I am either the owner of the computer system or device or a duly authorised representative of the owner; (2) I have removed any data (and the SIM card) from this device and understand that if there is any data left on the device this will be deleted or destroyed by Solidaritech CIC in accordance with their Data Destruction Policy and in no event will Solidaritech CIC be able to provide copies or back-ups of any data; and (3) Solidaritech CIC will refurbish this device, including re-formatting and where appropriate re-installing operating systems (using the embedded OEM licence key).

    I acknowledge and accept that Solidaritech CIC will accept no responsibility in relation to the security, protection, confidentiality or use of any data on my device and it is my responsibility to ensure that all data is removed from the device prior to sending it to Solidaritech CIC. Solidaritech CIC will not be responsible or liable for loss or misuse of any data, software, or hardware on or related to the device.

    I have read the donation declaration.


    Wrap Your Device for Donation Drop-Off

    Before you donate your device please give it a wipe down with a cloth or antibacterial wipe, this helps us guard against transmission of Covid, keeping our staff and volunteers safe.

    Before dropping off your device at the drop off point please securely wrap it in a plastic shopping bag and wrap it up with sticky tape, so the contents cannot be seen and nobody but the final donors can get access to it. Amazon packing paper, bubble wrap or other plastic bags make great padding if you are concerned about damage.

    Once the donation is securely wrapped, please mark your donation reference number clearly on the outside of the packaging with sticky tape, or using a permanent marker.

    How to wrap your parcel