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Financial Donations

There are many ways you can help people get access to technology with Solidaritech. Apart from donating your spare technology you can help us to purchase parts to help fix broken machines, or just ones without batteries or chargers. Sometimes machines need a little extra spent on them to make sure they’re workable for a person’s specific needs, for example a USB webcam or a wifi dongle.

You can make a huge difference to someone, just by donating a small amount. The PPP Fund will help us get the little things taken care of, whilst the Donate to Buy fund covers the cost of larger, specific parts. If you’d rather just donate some money you can do that here.

PPP Fund – The ‘Postage Parts & Peripherals’ Fund

Help us to cover those little ‘bits’ that make things easier. By contributing to our ‘PPP Fund’ you can help us cover the cost of components, which make the crucial difference between landfill and reusability. Needing a ‘Shift’ key, the cost of postage, an unsafe charger, or a dead battery shouldn’t be an insurmountable barrier to digital participation, nor should it result in an otherwise viable machine being scrapped. 

Contribute to the PPP fund to help us to help people who have the most urgent need – a little goes a long way. Here’s a list of things we use the PPP Fund for:

£5 Will help us get a Wi-fi dongle to connect a PC without Wi-fi online

£10 Will help us post a laptop anywhere in Yorkshire & Humber

£20 Will help us get a replacement laptop
keyboard, RAM or a common charger 

£30 Will help us buy a replacement charger or an SSD fora laptop

Many of the machines donated to us require substantial refurbishment and updating to avoid obsolescence – these additional parts can be quite expensive. Repairing and reducing e-waste necessitates not only skilled technicians, but also spare parts, often ordered on a one-off basis due to the tailored service that we provide. 

Here we list all of the machines that need spare parts like; screens, chargers, batteries, extra RAM, or an SSD.

You can make an immeasurable difference to somebody’s life with a modest amount of funding, helping to bridge the chasm between e-waste and extended utility.

Here are all of our donate-to-buy machines, and here are a few examples below.

We’ll use this to fund purchases for either of the above funds, or for other general running costs. If you’d rather donate by bank transfer drop us an email on [email protected] for details.